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Professional Commercial Roofing and Waterproofing Services

Re-roofing and Roof Recovering

Re-roofing and roof recovering/overlay projects can be complicated for Owners, Property Managers, and their tenants.  There are certain aspects of these projects that some say simply cannot be made any less impactful.  We say that’s not altogether true. 

Inspections, Reports and Budgeting Services

Professionally presented, meaningful, and to-the-point reports on existing conditions, service life remaining, and recommendations for immediate needs in order to maximize the life of your roofing system.
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24/7/365 Leak Services

Our experienced Technicians perform leak service repairs and maintenance services year round. Who better to perform your corrective repairs and RAM Program maintenance than James King Roofing.

Corrective Repair Services

Corrective repairs will bring your roof system back into maintainable condition after a few years of neglect. This thorough and thoughtful service is designed to be the first step in placing your roof system under the James King Roofing RAM Program if desired.

James King Roofing Roof Asset Management (RAM) Program Maintenance

A proven system that minimizes the potential of costly leak repairs and maximizes the service life of your existing roof system. No charge leak services are included if eligible.

Tenant Improvements

Performed by experienced Technicians who are certified to perform TI work which impacts your roof system while not impact existing warranties.

Roof Restoration Services

Fully warranted restoration services designed to add 10+ years to an existing roof system. An often overlooked option to an older but not yet failing roof system.

Pedestrian, Traffic and Deck Coatings

Whether the surface is worn down by foot traffic, vehicular traffic, trade damage, or damage due to UV exposure, eventually these surfaces require re-surfacing. We have experienced Technicians who install these systems year round.

Waterproofing and Water Repelling Systems

Leaving deteriorated and/or weathered waterproofing conditions too long puts the substrate at risk for structural damage. We have systems to protect your roof.

Additional Services

We work closely with our manufacturer’s sales and technical staff to ensure we are providing the best long-term, economical, and effective products and systems designed to meet your specific needs.

All the services listed and briefly touched above are worthy of additional discussion and consideration.  Please contact our office or email for additional information.

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