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Meet Our Commercial Roofing Company

Meet the experienced roofers behind James King Commercial Roofing and Waterproofing company.

Mike Lowery, Roofing Operations Manager

Mike Lowery

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Evan Prince, Roofing Service Coordinator

Evan Prince

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Willie Ross, Service Coordinator for James King Roofing

Willie Ross

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Gustavo Ramos, Roofing Superintendent

Juan Torres

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Tony Flores, Roofing Service Foreman

Tony Flores

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Dave McKie, Roofing Service Foreman

Dave McKie

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Bryan San Juan, Roofing Service Foreman

Bryan San Juan

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Gabriel Corro, Roofing Production Foreman

Gabriel Corro

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Andrew Harris, Roofing Service Technician

Andrew Harris

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Milan Jones, Roofing Service Technician

Milan Jones

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Alfredo Hernandez, Roofing Service Technician

Alfredo Hernandez

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Claudio Aguilar - Roofer Service Technician

Claudio Aguilar

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Justino Cortez - Roofer Production Technician

Justino Cortez

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roofer dog coco


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