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Andrew Harris, Roofing Service Technician

Andrew Harris


Service Technician

Andrew started his career in commercial roofing approximately 7 years ago. He currently serves as a Roofing Technician and his goal is to become a full time Service Foreman within the next 1-2 years. His attitude, willingness to learn, and the experience he gains every day should serve his goal of becoming a Service Foreman nicely.  Andrew names our other veteran Service Foremen Dave McKie, Tony Flores, and Juan Torres as those that have taught and mentored him over the past 3 years. Andrew has previous experience as a union concrete tradesman so he knows his way around a construction site.  “Besides concrete, I’ve been putting all my energy into mastering roofing,” he says.  Andrew has experience on most low-slope applications but his favorite system is torch applied APP and SBS systems.

“Kyle gave me my start 6 years ago and for that I am forever grateful. He kept me working with people who put me in a position to learn and succeed. I’ve learned and practiced the culture of work and customer service that he preached for years.  I’ve seen the culture work and succeed and don’t see myself doing it any other way. I am proud to be part of this company.  With Mike’s and Kyle’s guidance, I know we will be a force to be reckoned with within the roofing industry.”

Andrew has a 7 year old daughter, Brooklyn, who is in grade school in Lake Stevens and is expecting a new baby boy to the family in April 2019.  Spending time with his family is #1.  When time allows, Andrew enjoys snowboarding and basketball.

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