Additional Services

Additional commercial roofing services

Additional Services

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We work closely with our manufacturer’s sales and technical staff to ensure we are providing the best long-term, economical, and effective products and systems designed to meet your specific needs.

Our services include:

  • roof coring
  • decking replacement
  • drain jetting/clearing
  • electronic leak detection
  • thermal scans/moisture studies
  • skylight and smoke hatch repair and replacement
  • safety/fall protection anchors
  • roof hatch guards/rails
  • perimeter and leading edge rails (permanent and temporary)
  • custom sheet metal fabrication and installation
  • water testing, infra-red moisture studies
  • roof hatch installation and repair

Additional services include:

  • permanent ladders
  • walk pads
  • rooftop decks
  • rooftop landscaping
  • snow/ice dam removal
  • drain alarms
  • perimeter edge warning line paint
  • tilt-up panel caulking
  • drain and drain screen replacement
  • ponding water correction
  • venting systems
  • rooftop equipment painting
  • dog run waterproofing
  • concrete PT scanning
  • and more…