Concrete Restoration Services

Concrete Restoration Services

Concrete Restoration Services

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Concrete Restoration Services - Maximize The Life Of Your Concrete Surfaces

Concrete Repair

Crack Sealing & Stitching – It is crucial to promptly repair cracks in concrete that are exposed to moisture to prevent significant damage. Delaying their repair will lead to higher costs and more extensive repairs in the long run.

Epoxy Injection – The most common and economical method of crack repair. Crack stitching is similar to stitching a wound, stitch bars are used to join and reinforce larger surface cracks. This service strengthens the structural integrity and stops the expansion of the crack.


Cleaning And Renewing Surfaces – Pressure washing, acid etching, and application of a clear sealant. Graffiti can be removed and treated so if the area is vandalized again, it will be easier to remove and restore the surface.

Applying Concrete Overlay Or Stain – Enhance colors, offering a range of choices. Products are applied as a base layer of protection, rejuvenating the surface bringing it back to life. This process can be applied vertically as well.


Concrete Removal Projects – Place and finish, restoring uneven surfaces (sidewalks), stamping, brushed finish, hard troweling, etc. all are services that are offered on a customized basis.

Concrete Maintenance – Please inquire about maintenance plans for graffiti removal or to specific areas that may be prone to high traffic, weather exposure, etc. to keep your concrete looking fresh.