James King Roofing Roof Asset Management (RAM) Program Maintenance

Roof Asset Management (RAM)

James King Roofing Roof Asset Management (RAM) Program Maintenance


A proven system that minimizes the potential of costly leak repairs and maximizes the service life of your existing roof system. No charge leak services are included if eligible.

Roof Management Leaders

We are the leaders in the industry when it comes to maintaining and prolonging the life of commercial roofs.

We’ve seen thousands of roofs perform and provide protection for many years longer than Owners may have expected and beyond the warranty terms when the roofs are properly maintained. This experience reinforces our belief that roof maintenance is effective if performed regularly and by experienced Technicians.

The James King Roofing RAM Program simply works:

  1. Set your budgets
  2. Maintain manufacturer’s warranties
  3. Avoid reactive responses to leaks
  4. Protect insulation in the roof system and under the decking
  5. Avoid upset tenants
  6. Take “call the roofer” off your to-do list