Re-roofing and Roof Recovering

Re-roofing and Roof Recovering

Re-roofing and Roof Recovering


Re-roofing and roof recovering/overlay projects can be complicated for Owners, Property Managers, and their tenants.  There are certain aspects of these projects that some say simply cannot be made any less impactful.  We say that’s not altogether true. 

Responsible Roofing Contractor.

Noise, odor, and risk of leaks while in the process of a re-roofing or recovering project can certainly be a factor if close attention is not paid by a responsible contractor.  But if your contractor is experienced with re-roofing over occupied buildings with sensitive tenants and is willing to go the extra mile, many of these impacts can be minimized or eliminated altogether.

Quality Throughout The Process

Process quality can be as important as the quality of the finished product.  Pre-job conferences (with tenants included), charcoal filters, fire safety, noise abatement, mandatory nightly tie-offs, fans, etc. can all lessen the impact and number of calls you get from building occupants.

It is our goal to minimize impact and disruptions along with providing a long-term and warranted roofing system.