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Dave McKie, Roofing Service Foreman

Dave McKie


Service Foreman

Dave has worked in the commercial roofing business for 30+ years.  With 15 years as a Production Foreman and over 2 years as a Service Foreman, his knowledge of roof assemblies is vast and allows him to service commercial roofing and waterproofing roofs like few others can.  Having Dave as a member of the James King Roofing team provides the entire team with a resource of skill and knowledge. Dave learned EPDM (rubber) single ply systems first and quickly became a Foreman on PVC and TPO projects as well.  TPO and hot asphalt BUR (Built-up Roofing) systems are his favorite.

“Every morning when I step into the van I become a part owner of James King Roofing and that directly reflects in being successful in everything I do.  I am extremely proud to work for a company that bears the name James King Roofing. I believe the company strives for the same values that made the late James King successful and there’s a sense of pride that follows that.  Mr. King was once quoted as saying, “We think people are our most important asset”. In context he was talking about his employees, but it could also be said of the customers as well”.

Outside of work, Dave enjoys building computers and taking on various building projects both inside and around his home.  Dave’s twin daughters, Simone and Jasmine are 14 and Dave’s son David is 30.

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